Business Assessment & Technology Alignment

Envisioning Your Digital Transformation

What is the business problem you need to solve? What is the value to solving it? Are there existing assets we should leverage to maximize ROI? Will this be a short term or long term solution? Do you need options positioned with tradeoffs?

With a proper strategy, the best solution can be selected and implemented. With the right technology, your data and analytics can be transititioned from a cost center to a value-added proposition for your company.

Staying abreast of new software trends and key capabilities ensures our clients get maximum value for software investments. To sift through new developments and technologies, we have an ear to our customers- what you are saying about technology in use- and an eye to Gartner- what they are showing in terms of vision and ability to execute. And this translates to client value.

Your digital transformation will consider how you collect data today, how to improve what already works, and how to streamline or overhaul what doesn’t. Your information technology should fuel your goals and growth – and we are here to make sure that happens.

Needs Assessment

Technical Design and Architecture

Solution Options and Trade Offs

Solution Costing (Software and Services)

ROI Forecasting

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Are you making the most of your data?

Good data helps drive informed decision making about the demands of your clients and your market. But without the right tools and technology, your data lake can easily become a data swamp – where stagnant processes can only provide a murky picture of your data ecosystem.

Learn how we helped Camden National Bank turn more than a dozen separate data silos into Customer 360 insights using the Talend Cloud Hybrid data management system, Snowflake’s Cloud Warehouse and Tableau Visual Analytics. Ready to talk about technology alignment for your business? Contact us today

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