Turning Data into SolutionsTM

With 20 years of experience in the information technology sector, Abilis Corp possesses the expertise required to turn your data into solutions. Abilis Corp partners with industry-leading business intelligence, data processing and cloud hosting application venders to ensure our customers receive the latest, cutting-edge technologically advanced solutions in the market. We offer high quality IT services with above-grade professionalism and are committed to our customers’ success.

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Professional Services Overview

Business Intelligence (BI)

Abilis implements cutting-edge BI analytical tools that will lead an organization to make better data-driven decisions. We offer state-of-the-art solutions that will analyze data, create reports and offer user-friendly dashboards, which can be reviewed and drilled-down for a complete 360° view of your organization.

Cloud Solutions

Abilis’ IT professional team is adept at selecting the optimal cloud solution that will meet your business’ data requirements now and in the future. We will ensure your solution is secure, scalable, reliable, and lowers costs and risks. We will guide your organization’s transition to a cloud-hosted environment and then continue to offer collaborative support whenever needed.

Mobile Application Development

As a pioneer in the mobile application platform development market, Abilis possesses the skills and expertise required to select and implement the right platform, create visually stimulating designs and configure the app for deployment. We are committed to creating impactful mobile apps that improve information agility.

Business Assessment Consulting Services

What is the business problem you need to solve? What is the value to solving it? Are there existing assets we should leverage to maximize ROI? Will this be a short term or long term solution? Do you need options positioned with tradeoffs?

With a proper strategy, the best solution can be selected and implemented. Our team collaborates with clients on:

  • Business problem definition
  • Needs assessment
  • Technical architecture
  • Technical design requirements

Solution Visioning & Recommendations

Staying abreast of new software trends and key capabilities ensures our clients get maximum value for software investments. We have an ear to our customers- what they are saying about technology in use- and an eye to Gartner- what they are showing in terms of vision and ability to execute. And this translates to client value.

As trusted advisors we help clients keep a competitive edge:

  • Solution options and tradeoffs
  • Solution costing (software and services)

Development Services

We pride ourselves on ‘Maine workmanship’ for development and execution. Our skills and experiences using the smart, modern and industry leading toolsets we’ve adopted allows us to address the biggest challenges out there.

Our agile / SCRUM methodology enables us to iterate fast and stay in close alignment to business needs- this minimizes cost and accelerates time to market. And we work hard to develop a transparent Statement of Work that focuses on getting the job done in the most effective approach.

Knowledge Transfer Services

Implementation success depends on making sure the client is prepared to appropriately use and support the solution. We work with each client to understand the support needs and determine the best method to meet them.

We offer implementation support and hands on training with many different forms of knowledge transfer including:

  • Architecture Design Knowledge Sharing
  • Configuration documentation
  • Best-practices
  • Training- online, formal, informal
  • Ongoing advisory services
  • Maintenance planning