With news of two major acquisitions in the business intelligence marketplace, our professional partners are reacting to changes in the industry.

In this think piece, Talend reflects on why Google and Salesforce invested so heavily in Looker and Tableau. Nick Piette, director of product marketing for Talend says, “For many companies, digital transformation is about digital customer engagement. The battle for the best customer experience will be waged with the best customer insight. It will require a single customer touchpoint to captured, collected and analyzed, be it brick and mortar, mobile, web, etc. BI is the insight – data is the fuel.”

We work in a market that, by nature, must constantly adapt, evolve and grow – not just to respond to the needs of today’s business leaders, but to stay relevant in rapidly advancing technologies. Our team of system architects and engineers is focused on staying abreast and ahead of changing technologies to ensure our clients have the best data and business intelligence solutions available to them at the time.