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We pride ourselves on ‘Maine workmanship’ for development and execution. Our data architecture and software development expertise, coupled with the smart, modern and industry leading toolsets we’ve adopted allows us to address the biggest challenges out there.

Our Agile / SCRUM methodology enables us to iterate fast and stay in close alignment to business needs- this minimizes cost and accelerates time to market. And we work hard to develop a transparent Statement of Work that focuses on getting the job done in the most effective approach.

Agile/SCRUM Methodology for On-Time, On-Budget Delivery

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Are you making the most of your data?

Good data helps drive informed decision making about the demands of your clients and your market. But without the right tools and technology, your data lake can easily become a data swamp – where stagnant processes can only provide a murky picture of your data ecosystem.

Learn how we helped Camden National Bank turn more than a dozen separate data silos into Customer 360 insights using the Talend Cloud Hybrid data management system, Snowflake’s Cloud Warehouse and Tableau Visual Analytics. Ready to talk about technology alignment for your business? Contact us today

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