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Data Estate Modernization for Customer and Institution 360

Who Needs Abilis Data Rocket?

Abilis Data Rocket is designed to meet the needs of KPI-driven financial services, higher education, healthcare and software development organziations, that would like to use their data to gain Customer and Institutional 360-degree views.

What is Abilis Data Rocket?

With Abilis Data Rocket, you get a working prototype in 3 months using Gartner-leading technologies that will revolutionize the way you use your data.

  • Talend provides the tools to do batch and real-time data ingestion, Gartner-leading data quality processing (deduping, data masking, fuzzy matching), data stewardship, data catalogue, and pay-per-user model.
  • Snowflake offers the ability to scale up and out automatically in a pay-per-use model so cost equals value, while minimizing administrative and operational overhead and creating easy, secure data sharing.
  • Tableau enables self-service visual analytics to let business users explore data, get cognitive insights and realize final-mile value from their data.
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning enables predictive models to be easily built in scale to make smarter decisions.


 How Can Abilis Data Rocket Help You?

Abilis Data Rocket empowers data democratization. Specifically, Data Rocket uses Talend on Azure to connect to a source system, land the data in Snowflake on Azure, do light processing on the data, and create a Tableau dashboard delivering powerful insights using your data. With uniform, trustworthy data, Abilis Data Rocket provides comprehensive institutional insights, from enrollment to course evaluations to fundraising, and the predictive analytics you need to make informed, proactive decisions. Code-free tools and pay-per-use data architecture allows you to maximize your IT resources and realize the value in your investment. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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