On October 24th, New England data architects, data scientists and BI decision-makers are invited to a hands-on learning experience at the Microsoft Technology Center in Burlington, MA.

The workshop is geared toward professionals who are new to Databricks and/or Talend and want to develop new skillsets that unlock powerful data insights.

During this 8-hour workshop, Abilis Corp engineers will guide participants through the complementary functionalities of Talend and DataBricks – allowing users to streamline and automate their ETL processes.

Attendees can look forward to developing their knowledge and skills with Talend and Databricks, including:

  • An introductory understanding of Talend and Databricks/Spark;
  • How to develop data engineering jobs in Talend and deploy to Databricks clusters; and
  • How to develop and deploy simple data science models in Databricks and trigger them from Talend.

As data-driven companies look to harness the power of machine learning and AI, Talend and Databricks create an engine to turn data science from a cost center to an added value. Our workshops provide technical expertise and hands-on solutioning to help data decision-makers envision the future of analytics, data processing and warehousing, and business intelligence.

For more information about the workshop, click here.