A free, one-hour webinar on April 23rd marks the launch of Data Rocket, an end-to-end cloud-based data solution designed resolve data bottlenecks and help customers obtain 360-degree customer insights through real-time data ingestion and reporting and predictive analysis. To register, click here.

Data Rocket is geared to meet the specific needs of financial services, healthcare, higher education and corporate software institutions, providing a low-cost proof of concept to illustrate how a modern enterprise foundation matches cost with value​.

Using Gartner-leading technology providers, Data Rocket delivers data you can trust with unparalleled ease of use:

  • Talend provides the tools to do batch and real-time data ingestion and data quality processing, stewardship and catalog in a pay-per-user model. 
  • Snowflake offers the ability to scale automatically in a pay-per-use model, minimizing administrative and operational overhead and creating easy, secure data sharing. 
  • PowerBI or Tableau enables self-service visual analytics to let business users explore data, get cognitive insights & realize final-mile value from their data. 
  • Microsoft Azure ML enables predictive models, built in scale to make smarter decisions. 

Data Rocket proves how close your financial services institution is to obtaining 360-degree customer insights, real-time data ingestion and reporting and predictive analysis. This end-to-end solution changes the way you use data to make decisions, unlocking insights to empower a KPI-driven culture. Register for this free webinar today.