Last week Abilis Corp BI engineers Jonathon Martin and Cezar Postalache led more than 30 data engineers & scientists in two hands-on workshops at the Microsoft Technology Center.

John Martin presents to a group of data architects and decision makers at Abilis Corp's Snowflake in a Day.

In Snowflake in a Day, Jonathon helped participants experience the functionality and ease of use of Snowflake on Azure as they set up staging areas, created targets and loaded tables. Participants were most impressed with Snowflake’s time travel and environment cloning capabilities.

“People are blown away when they see how quickly you can clone environments for testing – what used to take 2 weeks you can do in 2 minutes,” Jonathon said. During Insight@Scale, Cezar guided participants through the complementary functionalities of Talend and DataBricks – allowing users to streamline and automate their ETL/ELT processes.

As data-driven companies look to harness the power of machine learning and AI, Talend and Databricks create an engine to turn data science from a cost center to an added value. Our workshops provide technical expertise and hands-on solutioning to help data decision-makers envision the future of analytics, data processing and warehousing, and business intelligence. Interested in attending our June workshops? Contact Bruce Ottomano at to learn more.